How Many Years Without War

As a community, we are all too familiar with the impact of war – its devastating effects on families and individuals, the loss of life and limb, and the lasting trauma and scars it leaves behind. But how often do we truly understand the depth and breadth of our country’s military involvement, particularly when it comes to communities of color like ours?

239 Years of Military Conflict

We came across a fascinating timeline that outlines America’s military involvement since its inception – all 239 years of it. The timeline is comprehensive, detailing the specific conflicts, dates, locations, and casualties of each war and military engagement. It’s eye-opening to see just how deeply embedded in conflict our nation has been, often with multiple battles taking place at the same time.

Timeline of America's Military Conflict

Upon closer inspection, we notice several disturbing trends. First, we can see that the vast majority of our nation’s military involvement has been in the form of “minor” conflicts – which still resulted in significant loss of life and resources. These smaller-scale engagements often go unacknowledged and forgotten, particularly when overshadowed by more high-profile, large-scale wars like World War II or the Vietnam War.

Secondly, we cannot ignore the disproportionate impact these conflicts have had on communities of color – both in terms of the number of soldiers of color who have fought and died, and in the specific ways in which these communities have been targeted. From the forced conscription of Native American warriors in the 1800s to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, communities of color have been subject to different levels of scrutiny and discrimination when it comes to military service.

Breaking Down the Numbers

Let’s take a closer look at some of the facts and figures presented in the timeline. For example, did you know that:

  • African Americans have been involved in every major US conflict since the Revolutionary War.
  • The Civil War remains the deadliest conflict in American history, with over 620,000 deaths.
  • The Korean War, which lasted just three years, resulted in over 36,500 American fatalities.

These numbers are staggering, and it’s important that we as a community not only acknowledge them, but also seek to understand their implications for us today. One of the biggest takeaways from this timeline is that war not only takes a physical and emotional toll on those directly involved, but it also has far-reaching consequences for families, communities, and society at large.

Where Do We Go From Here?

So what can we do as a community to address this issue and lessen the impact of war on our lives? First and foremost, we need to stay informed and engaged on the issue of military involvement – both at home and abroad. This means paying attention to current events and advocating for policies that promote peace and diplomacy over aggression and conflict.

We also need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones who may be impacted by war – whether through military service or as civilians caught in the crossfire. This means seeking out resources and support, whether through therapy, community organizations, or other forms of self-care.

Finally, we need to remember that we have agency and power to effect change – even in the face of overwhelming odds. As poet and civil rights activist Audre Lorde once said, “Revolution is not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process. And if we don’t understand that, we’ll be left feeling frustrated and powerless.” Let’s work together to build a world where the toll of war is no longer a burden we have to bear.

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The 239 Year Timeline of America’s Involvement in Military Conflict

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